Diaspora stories

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the great pleasure of editing a book just published, by Audrey Fernandes-Satar. It is a moving and beautiful story of the journey away from the homeland, Goa, and the dispossession that three generations of women and their families have suffered.

The work is poetic and deeply polemical, and ultimately, it is a story of witnessing and healing from loss and displacement. Audrey’s stunning art works illustrate the chapters.  Once I receive my review copy, I will write an appreciation of it — not a review, since as its editor, I am too close to it to do that. Below I’ve pasted the blurb from the cover, and below that, the cover image. It is published by Peter Lang.

“After the Last Ship defies categorization: it is autobiography, history, poetry, art … Yet it is so much more than the sum of its parts: it is a journey that takes us into the heart of diaspora; it takes us into the lived experience of women who felt the pain of dispossession deep within their bones, whose bodies bled and whose families were torn asunder. It is also a story of hope, of survival and of healing. Above all it is a story of resistance, of the Other talking back, not only on her own behalf but also on behalf of countless women whose stories have not yet been told.” Senior Lecturer Nado Aveling (PhD), School of Education Murdoch University, Australia

“After the Last Ship, in evoking a particular diasporic experience, speaks to the displaced, the exiled, the oppressed, everywhere. Its achievement lies in its intelligent artistic vision which pro- foundly reconfigures abjection, transforming despair into hope. Beautifully constructed, illustrated and written, this is a moving and challenging work. Its gift to the reader is the spiritual enrichment that only the “examined life” can offer.” Associate Professor Jenny De Reuck (PhD), English and Creative Arts, Murdoch University, Australia.

Audrey Fernandes-Satar is a Western Australian academic, researcher and visual artist. Her body of work involves the investigation of the politics of identity, transnationality and the border. Audrey has exhibited nationally and internationally. She traces her heritage to the people of Gaunco Vaddo, who left Goa during the nineteenth century.



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  1. Congratulations to Audrey and you, Christina. What a major achievement! I look forward with interest to reading After the Last Ship when it becomes available and to your appreciation of it soon..

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