Life change

This year, I’ve had some sessions in Theta Healing, which is a remarkable therapy; I’ve been going to see Diana Saunders, who is a qualified practitioner and consultant. She is a lovely woman, with whom I feel completely safe, respected and understood. I won’t try and describe the method here, but there’s plenty on the web about it, and if you follow the link to Diana’s blog, it is a nice introduction.

I’ve had some profound shifts in perception and inner experience as a result of this healing, and have let go of some old beliefs, regrets and judgements. I’m aware there is more to do, so many layers! But the effects have been deeper and more spontaneous than any of the other healing practices I’ve experienced, including life writing.

After my recent session, I nade a decision to start training in this art/science, so that I can continue my own healing and use the practices to help others.

Though I’ve stopped my personal writing for a while, I’ll continue editing, mentoring and blogging about life writing. And I’ll continue my pastel painting. All for now; I’m on the threshold of discovery!



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10 responses to “Life change

  1. Good on you, Christina. It sounds wonderfully redemptive, to use a word that Gina Mercer just wrote to me in relation to her thoughts about how I might end my memoir.
    I can’t imagine giving up writing myself, though you’re not saying you’ve given up entirely. We move across different terrain on our journeys and this sounds like fascinating terrain for you.
    Go on evolving, as one of your friends said just now on Face Book.

    • Thank you, Elisabeth. It’s not, as you say, that I’ve given it up, it’s just that I am, for a while, empty; letting go of old dreams (academic, writing, romantic, family) has left a space inside me. I need to stay with that space for a while and not fill it up with noise. I am still living a “normal” life, but inside, I feel different.
      I”d love to hear more about your memoir!

  2. Good for you Christina … it’s a brave thing to do to change direction. I’m glad you’ll keep blogging.

  3. Hooray for you. A shift in perception is so powerful, whether it come all at once or in little spurts. I am going to research Theta Healing—sounds quite helpful. All the best Christina.

  4. I had put the wrong link in my post re Diana Saunders, have fixed it now. But there will be practitioners int the States. I love your posts Winsomebella, and and I think you are on a beautiful journey.

  5. Hi Christina,
    I have just read your blog. I am very flattered but more so very pleased that your sessions have given you such a profound shift!
    From my own perspective I was also very surprised and pleased with the shifts that occurred for me when I first began using this technique. It was lovely to know that I could start to live my life without feeling that I was the victim of my upbringing and my past. I have been using Theta since 2001 and still find it a very powerful tool that helps me deal with everyday life. I also find it an incredible inward journey that is almost a luxurious treatment for my soul! Thank you for your comments.

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