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I’m excited to tell you that a friend/colleague and I are starting a series of writing workshops this year. Marian Edmunds is a local writer, a journalist with over 25 years’ experience at home and abroad, and author of published books and stories. She is a member of my writing group, and I have been very impressed by her empathic ability to give clear and constructive feedback, and intuitively to touch on the core issues in a story; I also admire her ability to make a story from almost any event, trivial or life-changing. As well as her journalism, she works mostly in fiction, whereas I work mostly in memoir, so we complement each other well. Marian coaches writers and works with them to turn their stories into finished works. Her writing studio in the main street of Murwillumbah has become a hub for  local writers.

We are planning a series of monthly half-day workshops at different venues around the Tweed Valley, north coast and the border of Queensland. The first one is detailed below. Tyalgum Hall, by the way, the venue for our first workshop, is a charming hall with arched, raftered ceiling and wonderful acoustics, set in the picturesque, arty village of Tyalgum at the foot of the Border Ranges. You couldn’t find a lovelier venue, and there are delightful boutiques and cafes nearby.

Workshops : The Power of Storytelling

Literally literary

Tyalgum Community Hall
Saturday, 9 March 2013

Are you searching for your writer’s voice? Do you have a story you want to tell? Not sure where to start? Whether you are writing memoir or fiction, long or short, you need to shape your story and bring it to life; we will help you to do this.
Our workshops give time for you, the writer, to reflect on your story, its theme, and direction, your word choices and character development, in a safe and friendly atmosphere where you can receive constructive feedback on your work.
We give individual encouragement and teach skills to assist you with your writing goals.

9.30 am – 12.30 pm
Half-day workshop, $80. Booking essential at
The Writing Business Studio, 38a Main Street, Murwillumbah.
Or call:
Marian – 0411 808445
Christina – 0411 891743


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4 responses to “Writing workshop

  1. Sounds wonderful, Christina. What an exciting project and what a treat for those who can get there. If I lived closer I’d join you.

  2. Filippa Araki

    Sounds wonderful! Can I forward it to the hub? xx

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