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I have been appointed as Writer-in-Residence at Peter Cowan Writers Centre Inc, Joondalup, Perth, WA, from 24 September to 21 October 2012.  I will be mentoring writers and facilitating workshops in creative writing, including a workshop for the City of Joondalup Libraries, and facilitating a writer’s retreat weekend, hosted by Peter Cowan Writers Centre Inc. Community activities for the residency are proudly supported by the City of Joondalup as part of the Community Cultural and Arts Development Fund. For the research component of my residency, funded by the Peter Cowan Writers Centre Inc, I am continuing with the biography I am writing on Fairbridge single parents and their children.  This research was initially funded by a DCA (WA) grant in 2010. My residency at Peter Cowan Writers Centre Inc enables me to do follow-up research and complete the writing.










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12 responses to “writer in residence

  1. Bravo, Christina, that’s simply marvelous news. It couldn’t be more deserved.

  2. Christina Houen

    Thank you, my dear friend. You’re usually the first to respond! I wish I were as switched on as you. I’m sporadic, selfish and selective, without going through the rest of the alphabet. But that’s only re the internet and all that stuff; in real life, I would love to share more with people. I just don’t find it natural to do it in this rather bodiless way. Oh well, it’s all we have most of the time in a global world!

  3. Hello Christina, I’ve been a bit of a lurker here for a while. Anyway, welcome to WA! My brother in law fits your biog’s subject. If you are interested in talking to him, please contact me.
    Regards, sarah

  4. Well done Christina. I was going to mention Sarah T but see that she has done that herself. Will catch up for a face to face next time I’m down Murwillumbah way.

    • Thanks, LIttle Hat! I look forward to meeting you.

      • Lucky you, Christina. You’ll get to meet both Little Hat and Sarah Toa by the sound of things. Both are wonderful writers. And lucky them to be able to meet you.

      • I’m so looking forward to it. I think it will be a big leap forward. I would love to establish a writers’ centre here in the Tweed Valley next year, so I look forward to learning how it is done, and to meeting some creative writers in WA, sharing and learning.

  5. Official congratulations now Christina … have a wonderful time and good luck with the project. Sounds like you will have a lot to do in a short time!

  6. Oh how wonderful!! This sounds so wonderful to me, so magical. It gives me such hope to see the many ways one can make a living, or simply live, as a writer.

    • Yes, Hannah; it is wonderful. It’s been a long road, and there’s still far to go before I sleep. I hope to learn about how a writers’ centre is set up while I’m there, and do something similar where I live now. For you, I think there will be lots of opportunity in America.

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