memoir as healing

Please visit the excellent blog on Australian literature,, to read a guest blog I have written on memoir as an act of healing (for writer and readers), featuring three recent memoirs by Australian writers.



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6 responses to “memoir as healing

  1. And thanks so much for the wonderful post Christina … it’s added another dimension to my blog. BTW I don’t know why sometimes your name in your comments on my blog links to this blog (which is what you’d want I suspect) while other times it lists to a gravatar that seems to block us from getting to your blog. It’s strange.

  2. Christina Houen

    Thank you, Sue. I think the more real debate (not media- or celebrity-driven) the better, for Australian literary health. We need community forums like yours, and mine. I don’t know why that glitch happens either; I’ll try to be aware of it when I make comments, not to do the gravatar thing. It’s all a mystery to me, but hey, at least (at last) I’ve created a website! Yeay!

  3. Hi Christina, I came back here looking for the link to your memoir-as-healing post and followed the link you suggested, but it came up as corrupt, for some reason. In case it’s not just me and anyone else is looking, the correct one is here:

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