Margaret Olley in the Tweed River Art Gallery

Stop press!

I was in the Modern Grocer’s having my short macchiato this morning and flipping through the Sydney Morning Herald when I was arrested, on page 8, by a colourful picture of Margaret Olley and her agent in the vivid and chaotic setting of her home. The news it carried made my gasp with excitement.

Margaret’s agent, with her consent given the day before she died, has signed an agreement to bequeath a $1 million trust fund to Tweed River Art Gallery to establish a wing housing her memorabilia, including ephemera, art works, photographs, and more.

This is a stunning acquisition for the gallery, and will make it more than ever a centre of excellence in art. The gallery was flooded with visitors for the Archibald Prize 2011 exhibition, starring Ben Quilty’s portrait of Olley. 28, 563 visitors came in all, with a daily average of 952.

Much of Margaret’s childhood was spent in the Tweed River Valley, so it is fitting that it will be the home of her collection.

Congratulations to Susi Muddiman, the director, and to her staff and Friends of the Gallery who worked so hard to welcome the thousands of visitors for the Archibald exhibition.

And the new wing to the gallery will make Murwillumbah shine more than ever, a jewel in this beautiful valley.



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4 responses to “Margaret Olley in the Tweed River Art Gallery

  1. What a wonderful bequest, Christina. And you can enjoy it in your stride.

    • Christina Houen

      Yes, Lis; I think it will make Murwillumbah even more attractive to visitors. Hope you can come and see it some time!

  2. Lucky you in the Tweed and lucky us who are within a short drive. They’re going to rebuild her studion complete with ephemera on site. How good will that be. Ready sometime in 2013 I think.

    • Christina Houen

      The Tweed River Gallery is well worth a visit just now. There’s a wonderful new exhibition of Robert Hannaford’s paintings over the years, including many sketches and studies. His portraits really drew me in. I’ll be writing a blog later today about his exhibition and the Open Studio he’s holding at present for his commissioned portrait of Margot Anthony, patron of the Gallery.

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